Crank Guitar Academy is dedicated to providing comprehensive, effective and most important of all… fun guitar classes. Crank Guitar Academy is a relaxed environment where students will be encouraged to express themselves freely through music. The classes allow children to develop organically at their own pace. Anthony Gilbert has been teaching at Crank Guitar Academy since 2005 he is supportive, patient, and very talented. He knows how to structure and encourage learning for the individual, so students learn quickly that dedication reaps reward.

Crank Guitar Academy teaches all styles and forms of guitar playing. From beginners to advanced and all ages. If you have always wanted to play guitar, now is the time to fulfill your dreams. Your children will benefit greatly from the confidence, creativity and fun that comes with learning to play guitar.

Many people dream of learning to play guitar, yet never do. It is never too late to learn. Start guitar tuition today and you will be playing before you know it. Conversely, many people wish they had learned to play an instrument as a child, so give your kids the gift of music. Enrol at Crank Guitar Academy, for some quality guitar tuition.

We teach beginner to advanced levels in an extensive range of styles and disciplines to suit the individual.

Crank Guitar Academy is committed to making guitar tuition fun! Classes take place in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Students are encouraged to be creative, to express themselves and have fun with music. They are supported and challenged, and will learn that more dedication equals more fun.

Learning music builds a student’s confidence by enabling them to grow and experience small successes along the way. Music encourages self-expression and creativity. Learning music brings joy into your life to stay. Playing an instrument can also have some significant social pay-offs. Enjoy!


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